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South Somerset Market Town
Multi Town App
Travelling around the Somerset area and looking where to go and what to do. South Somerset Market Town App brought to you by our partners South Somerset council team plater add-on. South Somerset has been built on a strong tradition of farming and hunting, and has become famous for its Market Towns. This app gives users the ability to see businesses, venues and events linked to South Somerset Market Towns 벚꽃소리 다운로드. It connects locals and visitors to businesses and events. Using browsing portfolios, contact details, and physical addresses (input via the custom-built CMS) Windows Java download. The first release of the app was launched in 2013; the second, recently released, includes exciting new functionality – the new drop box look to the app, all nine market towns are incorporated into the one app with their own unique application centos 톰캣 다운로드. With the new trails feature included within some of the towns
Crewkerne, Ilminster, Chard, Somerton, Langport, Castle Cary, Burton, Ilminster and Wincanton 튜브 동영상 다운로드.
With the change from the more traditional website to a mobile application the challenge was to bring an application to the South Somerset Council Team Zhu Tycoon1. With locals and visitors wanting to see more and gather more information about their area they were in. The traditional webpages had limitations so having a complimentary mobile app to support the South Somerset council team’s webpage showing the nine market towns Download the applause sound.
The development of an app that would provide the nine towns with an individual page within one app. Within the app these towns needed to show Local News, What’s On, What to do, Where to eat, Where to Shop, Where to stay, Services and in some of the towns Trails Download Ava Song. These had to be done within a six week period of signing the contract.
The Solution
Townapps redeveloped the apps both in Android and ios to bring these nine towns into the one app eclipse attachments. To highlight the trails and show information about the individual sites while showing the geo location of each point. This has helped both locals and visitors find local businesses and sites throughout the nine towns while only downloading one app Snow Queen 2012. With an increase of 20% in downloads since the change from the old carousel format to new drop down format with trails and the nine towns.

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